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Domestic Violence? |Cutting weight & MMA Sparring w/ my wife| Ron ChoirBoy Stallings

Domestic MMA Fighting in the Stallings House Hold! Lol   Doing some last min preparation for my MMA fight down in Atlanta GA. Actually it was in Bremen GA at Haralson High School. ┬áThis is something my wife and I do before every fight. I hate cutting weight so Ive come up with ways to […]

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Mixed Martial Arts MMA Sparring w/ GoPro Hero 2 Camera | ChoirBoy MMA Aberdeen Md|

GoPro Hero 2 Camera capturing some MMA sparring down at Team Lloyd Irvin Camp Springs Maryland. This past week was my birthday, and my family surprised me with a Go Pro Hero outdoor edition. Awesome camera now I can really put you guys in the in the front seat with me and I’m going to […]

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