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Choirboy MMA/ Ron Choirboy Stallings Team Lloyd Irvin Aberdeen

 Back stage before my MMA fight getting prep’d to go out and handle business and put on a good show. Wait… Before that on the way to the venue it dawns on us that we don’t have any gauze or tape for the hand wraps. No problem there was a walmart near by that we visited earlier  because I had to get a eye exam that I didn’t needed to be done in order to fight, but thats another story.  So we are in the back tripping out and the fights are going by faster than we expect so time for the hand wraps. OH NO! Keep in mind that most of the shows I ve fought for had somebody that could wrap hands, And then I usually have my striking coach with me as well to handle the wraps. Since it was just me and Master Lloyd and neither one of us can wrap hands we just had to make the best of it. Its was funny though, we got a kick out of it. Next time we will make sure there is somebody there to wrap hands LOL


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