My teammate, Mike “The Hulk” Easton handles business in the UFC on Fx |MMA in Harford County MD|

Team Lloyd Irvin’s, Mike “The Hulk” Easton, wins his 2nd UFC fight on FX. Top Flight MMA in Harford County watches him handle business at the Academy!

A little back story on why I am so pumped to see my boy Mike do his thing in the UFC octagon. First, Mike share a birthday, January 25th! So that makes us twins of some sort Im just a year older lol. 2nd when I joined the team Mike gave me my welcome aka initiation. Mike has help me out tremendously with my training, has the team captain he he knows the team MMA system the best and no one out works him in practice. He is a great inspiration. We also have been up and down the coast fighting staying crappy hotels, keeping each other motivated, reading scripture before fights the whole nine. I remember when we both tried out for the Iron Ring, it was BET’s version of “The Ultimate Fighter”. We both made it past selection phase so we had to stay 2 additional days up in New Jersey which we didnt expect.  We thought it would be  a 1 day event, get a call to come back sort of like “The Ultimate Fight”. WRONG!!! Well at the time Mike’s then Girlfriend was pregnant with his son champ. So it was all 3 1/2 of us in a small hotel room for 2nights and 3days. That’s just some small sacrifices we have made in order to make a dream a reality, so when I Mike handle business in the UFC octagon I literally feel his joy because Ive been there behind the scenes with him! I couldn’t make the trip down to Tennessee so my Top Flight MMA crew and I watched it at the academy. Here is how we support our own. ChoirBoy out!


If you want to train like a Team Lloyd Irvin fight and want to do MMA in Harford County, Cecil County, and Baltimore Area come check me out at Team Lloyd Irvin Aberdeen Top Flight MMA Academy in Aberdeen Maryland!

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