Trading In That Destructive Rap Music For Something Better| List Of Christian Rappers

Alright, here it is. I said a few days back that was going post a list of artist that people switch out their vulgar- sin promoting music for. But before I get into the reasons you need to switch yours and your kids music, let me go ahead give you the list. Most everybody I list can be found on itunes. Purchase the music so the artist can continue to make more edify music with a banging beat! I’ll include a link to some of there music so you can sample them. I’m going to start with some local artist so you support them too. Most people I talk to admit the lyrics they listen too are NO GOOD, but enjoy the beat. Well , here are good lyrics and a sick beats! I’m going to list few but please list more in the comment section. And for all my pandora listeners you can type in Lecrae for a radio station and get tons of christian rapper to listen to.

Dee Black

JB Da Truth


Trip Lee




These are just a few of the artist I could come up with off the top of my head. When I play these artist in my gym while I’m training a lot of people ask me who they are and where can they get the music. I want to spread the word to more people  that there is better music out there, especially for the Youth!
Did I listen to vulgar music growing up? Yes, I tried. I remember sneaking and buy LL cool J’s album Mr. Smith, and I thought I was doing something cool buying a cd with parental advisory sticker on it. OH and when M.C Hammer was trying to harden his image I bought that lol ( I think I was in elementary school for that). And cant forget my mother made me give back a Tupac cassette to one of my classmate that gave it to me for a birthday present, that was embarrassing. And then there was R.Kelly… point is I tried to listen to the hard stuff and I can tell you, being a little transparent, that I acted out on the stuff I was listening too. And my justification or excuse was, I was  listening to the beat. My make no mistake about it the lyrics were encouraging me to do this I knew were wrong and against God. Did the music make me fall? No, I made the decision to turn left but the constant bombardment didn’t help on making the right decision. It made it more comfortable for me to act out. Oh and don’t let me read in the album credits that they wanted to thank God for the inspiration , in my immature mind it made the lyrics, kinda alright? :/ And the music now is just absolutely ridiculous with no shame and people, especially the youth, are acting out on the lyrics. Nothing new right? but what is new is the level of darkness in the lyrics. Minds are conforming to the darkness in the music, I don’t care what you say it is going on. You can say every generation says this about the younger generation’s music, but you must be blind or in denial if you do not notice that music , shoot most entertainment, has an all new level depravity. And it’s celebrated!

But any way, there were a few christian rappers out back when I was teenager but to be honest they didn’t sound very skilled. the beats and delivery were uh…..WHACK lol Thank God that’s not the case now.
But If you admit that most of the music out on the air ways are promoting immoral- sinful stuff and its not something you want your kids to act out on ,or for my fellow ,you state that you want to live for God, then Why Not change out your music?
Before I get the Holier Than Thou Looks, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have it all down and Thank God for the grace he has extended to me and continues to do. I’m growing in the Lord and will continue to til the day die, this is just a area that helped me out (changing my music) and I believe can help everybody out.

Be Blessed and please list more Christian Rappers in the comment section I’ll update and add to the list later, I’m going to sleep now
Disclaimer: The whole point of this list is to take out the deliberate anti-God influence  in today’s music and replace with music that appeases to your desire for a good beat and skillful lyrics with music that encourages a relationship with Christ, an ever growing relationship. This list is not for these artist to be the basis of your walk  with Christ but for you to have words echoing and encouraging righteousness after God. Read your Bible so you will know the truth for yourself and be able to test everything by the Spirit so wont you be deceived by anybody claiming to be for Christ.

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  1. Karen says:

    Check out the Praise Warriors. They rap Scripture to hip hop tracks. Currently working on their second CD, so they are not “out there” at the moment, but they are good.

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