I Got My BJJ Brown Belt

Its no secret that my main priority is developing my MMA game, mainly working on getting elite striking and takedown defense. But I do know my jiu-jitsu and spent many-many years fine tuning it just for BJJ competitions. Its just once I found out the my striking pretty dang on good, I put more effort in to cultivating that. Plus mma fans love the knock out and I am to please lol. But I’ve neglected my grappling, and I stress this to all my Top Flight MMA students, being around and training with some of the worlds best grapplers like Lloyd Irvin and DJ Jackson its impossible not increase your grappling game.
I’ve been BJJ purple for a long time and wasn’t really concerned with progressing up the ranks, again because all my focus is on the MMA game, but I tell you this…. It was a very pleasant surprise to have Master Lloyd promote my to BJJ brown belt this past Friday. We had just finished MMA sparring and BAMMM he pulls out the belt. I was like,”WOW”. Its honor to add the title TLI BJJ Brown Belt.

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