My Daughter will be doing GymKata for sure now / Gymnastics Birthday Party *video*

My Daughter is now 2 years old and I often catch myself just staring at her in aw of the gift God has blessed me and my wife with. I also I find myself grieved because she is growing soooooo fast and she’s already feeling the need for her own independence (sigh).
Yes, I will be that protective father lol with, what seems to me, common sense rules and preferences. Like no cheerleading! Don’t ask, its just the way it is. And because I am a martial artist and pro MMA fighter, my daughter will train mixed martial arts at Top Flight MMA . And that includes sparring and grappling. Builds character and confidence, because when you know you can take care of yourself you wont take any mess. I’m often asked if I will let my daughter fight MMA like I do. To honest I am a little uncomfortable with that idea but that something she will decide as an adult so we have a while to think about that avenue.
But anyway, after  this party we had for my daughter at Harford Gymnastics in Fallston Maryland,  it seem like gymnastics is a definite  along with martial arts. She is a natural. She jumped on the balance beam and started doing her own graceful routine. It was amazing. So yeah, she will be doing  GymKata. For those who don’t get it, Gymkata is gymnastics and Karate (or martial arts) from a old 80’s karate flick.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how fun the party was for the kids. They had a bunch of obstacle courses and the staff was great with the kids. If you want fun party for you child,  I would definitely recommend booking Harford Gymnastics.

Check out My Daughters Birthday Party

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