*Video* What In The World Did You Do To Your Hair ChoirBoy?!?!| Ron ChoirBoy Stallings|

I Might Have Lost the Mane but Im Still The Champ! But I had to document the momentous occasion lol

I’ve been shocking everybody all week with my new look, yep I went ahead and cut my hair. There were a couple of factors that lead to this,  just a month ago I had no intentions of cutting my hair. Really had intended on having my hair for years to come.  When you’ve been growing your hair for a long time, you grow attached to it, but I wanted to change it up  a little. Now maybe one of the promoters I’ve been emailing will let me add some stock to their organization add another belt to my collection.

I did get to surprise my wife who had been wanting me to cut my hair.Shot out to Supreme Cutz! Owner and big bro, Bobby Hector, always had me looking fresh before I grew out my hair, so only fitting that I return back to the freshness the Supreme Cutz provides.

Ron ChoirBoy Stallings

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