Late night Patient First visit for STITCHES |ChoirBoy MMA|

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I should have got this stitched up 3 weeks ago when I cut it trying to pass the guard. I just hate having to go to the E.R IT TAKES SO LONG to get anything done there. But if I had done it right the first time wouldn’t be missing out on sparring now. I HATE MISSING SPARRING. If I cant do my stand up, MMA, grappling rounds, training is not as exciting. I wanted to document this ( its late so lets have some fun), it takes me back to when my father would take me to Kirk Army hopsital on Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) to get shots. Most of the kids would cry and as they would walk past us my dad would ask if I was going to be a big boy and not cry lol. So I wanted to show my dad I was big boy and to go the extra mile I would look at the needle as it went in  my arm. It hurt but I didnt cry because I was a big boy. To this day I have to look at the needle go in because I am still a big boy lol

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